Kangundo Road stretches from Nairobi (Outerring Road) to Kangundo Town. Our projects are approximately one hour drive from the CBD.  Kangundo Road can be accessed from Nairobi through;

  • Thika Road (Ruiru Bypass – Ruai)
  • Thika Town (Thika Kilimambogo Road – Tala )
  • Expressway/Mombasa Road

The Road is set for expansion by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA)

Why Invest Along Kangundo Road

  • Fast Growing Towns
  • Proximity to Nairobi CBD
  • Growing social amenities(Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Nyama Choma, religious centres such as Koma Shrine, Entertainment Joints, graded accessible link roads)
  • Scheduled expansion of Kangundo Road into a dual carriage
  • Faster Title Deed Processing (Machakos County) and approvals for construction (cost also affordable). At Icon Prime, the process takes 30-60 days.
  • Lands are affordable. This creates high demand and thus guaranteed good returns in future for those who invest early enough.
  • Accessibility- Thika road, Eastern Bypass, Expressway, Tala-Kilimambogo link road
  • Gated communities- this enhances security, centralization of services, also promotes pooling of resources to achieve a common goal.
  • Cosmopolitan communities- blend of culture and different cultural communities that promotes cohesiveness and diversity
  • Construction materials-quarries makes the materials readily available
  • Availability of public transport. Several matatu saccos doing business along the road; super metro, city shuttle,
  • All our projects have ready titles implying it is also possible to get financing from financial institutions such as banks, saccos, etc using the respective titles as collateral for the loans/money advanced.